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Glitzy Baby Designs


Thank you for ordering Custom Designed Pageant Clothing by Sandy LaVallie. Once we receive your payment the process of your order will begin. There are NO refunds, NO exceptions.

Once your deposit is received your shell will be ordered.

Shells are made by the seamstress of my choice, I have several different ladies that I order from. Different styles and designs require different seamstresses.

Yes, we DO accept Paypal !!

I do accept payments on all orders while the garment is being made. Personal checks are accepted except for the final payment. If a check is received for final payment, the said garment will be held for 7 days until the bank has cleared the check. There is a $30 service fee on any returned checks. I also accept paypal via the internet.  Buyer is responsible for all shipping charges on the said garments. Overnight shipping is available and is also the responsibility of the buyer. Balance is due in full within 30 days of said garment being completed. If it is NOT paid for within 90 days, I reserve the right to sell the garment to compensate any loses I may have incurred and NO refunds will be given!

Each garment is custom painted and dyed and no custom colors are guaranteed to be exact and may have some uneven spots. Once the style and color of your garment are decided there will be NO changes made. I have a busy schedule and work in a very timely manner, I can not afford to let people make changes in their colors or styles, so please feel free to contact me for a consultation on what style and color would best suit your child.

The best and easiest way of contacting me is via
You can get in touch with me anytime at this email address…

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